About Comtest Engineering


Comtest Engineering supplies high performance anechoic chambers, reverberation chambers and RF shielded rooms. Comtest is a privately owned, second generation family business and was founded in 1985. We are a professional organization and recognized for quality and flexibility. Our high performance RF shielded doors, mode-stirrer systems and microwave absorbers have been internationally recognized as state of the art products.

Comtest skilled and experienced team is dedicated to satisfy your need to control the electromagnetic environment!


Quality is key

We believe that our products need to be of the highest possible quality standards because our customer deserve nothing less. Before leaving the Comtest manufacturing center every product is submitted to a quality control check by our quality managers. It’s our way to ensure and maintain the high quality standard for each and every product that carries our name. As a result of our commitment Comtest quality management system is certified according to the ISO9001:2008 and the ISO14001:2004 standard.


Working together

Good quality products need an experienced and skilled team of experts to gain customer satisfaction. Our tight and lean organization is perfectly suited to facilitate that objective. Comtest team of professionals strives to obtain 100% satisfied customers. Together with our business partners and or customers we create the best controlled electromagnetic environments. We supply the best EMC and antenna test facilities, protect secure information for governments as well as critical defense systems against high electromagnetic fields (EMP). We welcome you to join us in an active co-operation to explore how we can serve your application. Together we will succeed to provide a better electromagnetic environment wherever it’s required!

Philosophy of success

Throughout our organization we constantly strive to obtain the highest possible standards in quality, technology and after sales service. We achieve our goals with detailed engineering and product design in close co-operation with our customers. With a careful preparation and tight control of our experienced installation teams we reduce installation time to a bare minimum. Our efficient business methods and high quality standards have earned us international respect for both our company and our products. Comtest engineering’s investment in new and sophisticated products is evidence of our long term commitment to our customers. It's our philosophy that ensures our continued success and growth.


Within or group of companies we have a strong focus on innovation and product development. A short overview of our innovation capabilities:
•    1988 European introduction of Hybrid absorber technology in anechoic chambers
•    1999 Introduction 4-points latching RF shielded doors with patented parallel hinge design
•    2001 Introduction of 4-points latching RF sliding doors model 1752
•    2004 Introduction of 8-points latching RF sliding doors model 1755
•    2009 Introduction of Comtest reverberation room 200 MHz
•    2010 Introduction of ZMA-140 2mm galvanized shielded panel technology model 1790-002
•    2012 Introduction of Comtest reverberation room 80MHz with patented stirrer technology
•    2012 Introduction of Comtest reverberation room 1GHz
•    2012 Introduction of hybrid polystyrene absorber model HT45
•    2013 Introduction of hybrid polystyrene absorbers model HT65 and HT25
•    2013 Introduction of microwave absorber model MT25, MT45 and MT65
•    2014 Introduction of microwave absorber model MT105
•    2014 Introduction of walkway absorber solution model WWA

Short history

•    Founded in 1985
•    Distributor for EMC & RF test instrumentation from 1985-2001
•    Benelux representative Keytek, AR, EMCO, Eaton, Euroshield from 1985-1999
•    RF shield room and semi anechoic chamber installation since 1988
•    In house engineering and production of all key elements for shielded rooms and shielded doors since 1999
•    Start in-house R&D in 2008
•    New proprietary stirrer system in 2012
•    Introduction of a new hybrid polystyrene absorber in 2012
•    Introduction of microwave absorbers in 2013