Comtest R&D engineer achieves PhD degree

Comtest R&D engineer, Dmitriy Penkin, has recently graduated and obtained his PhD degree in electrical engineering from Delft University of Technology. The title of his PhD study and the book written by Dmitriy is ‘Selected Aspects of Wireless Communication between Nanodevices’.  A typical nanonetwork is envisioned as a swarm of nanodevices that are distributed in a random manner, which also can reach covered places, accomplish extremely fine-grained sensing directly inside a phenomenon or equip an application with enhanced control capabilities. To operate and monitor within a macro scale application area, information sharing between nanonetworks entities is required (likewise data transfer among human cells). Electromagnetic waves at microwave frequencies can potentially enable wireless communication between nanodevices even in vicious and hazardous environments. However, the paradigms of traditional microwave communication must undergo a substantial revision before being applied to nanotechnology: due to space restrictions, nanomachines have very strong power limitations and should be capable to operate on an extremely tight energy budget. This places a very strong restriction on the communication link power budget. Moreover, networking-level techniques capable of describing a connectivity and signal propagation in the 'topology-less' nanonetwork are currently missing. These two open issues served as primary motivating factors for the Dmitriy’s doctoral dissertation, which broadly focuses on the feasibility and development of electromagnetic-based communications for nanonetworks.
Comtest is very honored and pleased to have a doctor in its team and on behalf of the whole team we like to give our sincere congratulations to the new doctor with this achievement!