Introduction of an ATR building kit

During GeMiC 2014 next week in Aachen Comtest Engineering will present a workshop on a new and innovative design approach for antenna pattern measurement rooms.  The title of the workshop is: Introduction of an Antenna Test Chamber building kit. A high performance test chamber in a do-it-yourself kit.
The workshop will be presented by Hein de Groot and Bas de Groot.
Abstract of the workshop:     
Antenna pattern test chambers differ in size and application. Compact antenna test ranges and radar cross section chambers are most often large facilities including expensive positioning and large reflector systems. Many  antenna test chambers are built using a RF shielded room covered with RF microwave absorbers. The use of the RF shielded room is to shield the measurement set up from  unwanted RF signals outside the chamber but also serving  as a structural skeleton to mount the microwave absorbers. In most  test set up the required  RF shielding requirement is in the range of 60 dB from 1GHz up In contrary to traditional soft foam absorbers the new polystyrene micro wave absorbers from Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions however have rigid structural characteristics and provide also sufficient transfer attenuation making the shield room superfluous.
If you take a closer look in the costing of these small antenna chambers the cost of the RF shielded room is a substantial part of the total investment. For many antenna test and design engineers this cost riser makes it impossible to get approval for such investments leaving them unsatisfied in their need to do microwave testing.
In the summer of 2012 Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions, a 100% sister company of Comtest Engineering, introduced their new and innovative polystyrene microwave absorbers. These high performance, broad band, carbon loaded polystyrene absorbers have a modular design of separate base plates and tapers. Other benefits are that the product is light weight, rigid and has a superior tensile strength. Especially this last feature makes these absorbers perfectly suitable to use as a self supporting constructural product. In other words: there is no need for a skeleton to put on the absorbers hence you can built an antenna test chamber without the need for an expensive RF shielded room.
In this workshop Comtest Engineering introduces an antenna test chamber that is constructed without the use of a RF shielded room. It’s built using just the polystyrene absorbers as building block and a simple, light weight metal construction supporting the microwave absorbers. The modular design of the absorbers makes it possible to first built a room using the base plates and insert the tapers in the final stage of the installation. The result is a high performance antenna test chamber for an attractive price that fits even the smallest budgets. Inspired by a famous Swedish furniture giant we bring an innovative concept to the market as a do-it-yourself building kit. Comtest supplies the required materials with a simple building instruction enabling almost everybody to built their own antenna test chamber.
If you are curious to find out how you can built yourself such high performance test room join this workshop wherein we explain how to do it yourself.  Together with the skilled engineers of the high frequency technology institute of RWTH Aachen University we will demonstrate how this test chamber performs.
Green and sustainable
MT microwave absorbers don’t contain poisonous fire retardant chemicals and are sustainable, environmental friendly and compliant with REACH and ROHS.