New EMC facility for DELTA

Comtest has recently completed a new facility for DELTA in their headquarters of Hørsholm, near Copenhagen in Denmark.  The facility consists of a new compact fully anechoic chamber and the upgrade of an existing MIL-STD chamber.
The new chamber is fully lined with ferrite tiles at ceiling, walls and floor and partially lined with a combination of Comtest state-of-the-art, polystyrene, HT-25 and HT-45 hybrid absorbers. It will be used to perform immunity tests between 26 MHz and 18 GHz, in accordance with the IEC/EN 61000-4-3 standard and radio devices emissions tests between 30 MHz and 18 GHz.
The upgraded chamber is fully lined with Comtest state-of-the-art, MT-65 absorbers, which are the only polystyrene microwave absorbers available on the market. This chamber will be used for MIL-STD-461 & RTCA DO-160 testing, as well as for CISPR-25 automotive testing at components level, between 70 MHz and 40 GHz.
Martin Randrup Villadsen of DELTA said:

We are very pleased with the two new chambers in Hørsholm which gives DELTA the possibility to increase test capacity and to serve our customers better and faster. After only few days of installation time, the chambers were ready for calibration, and proved to fulfil the requirements to our satisfaction. DELTA now operates in total 3 facilities using new types of polystyrene absorbers from Comtest. The first facility at DELTA Aarhus proved the concept and performance, and the subsequent development of the MT-65 absorber provided further possible chamber solutions to the benefit of our EMC test clients”.
This new facility in Hørsholm confirms the trust by DELTA in Comtest quality and innovative design, and repeats the success story of 2012. In that year Comtest built the first 10m semi anechoic chamber with the HT-45 polystyrene absorbers in combination with a reverberation 80MHz LUF chamber for their Aarhus premises.  The reverberation chamber as built with a patented, oscillating stirrer design.
We thank DELTA once more for the excellent cooperation and for confirming Comtest as preferred supplier for their high-tech, state-of-the art EMC test facilities”.