Reverb. room in South Africa part 2.

In general reverberation rooms are used for radiated immunity testing at high RF fields such like required for military, aircraft and automotive products. Taking the advantage of applying little RF power to generate the required high RF field, the reverberation rooms are very efficient and cost effective for this type of applications.
In the radio astronomy project, SKA (Square Kilometer Area) technicians are faced to another issue: The sensitive radio antenna systems are able to pick up very low level RF emissions, which might disturb the actual radio astronomy measurements. The sensitivity level required for those measurements falls beyond the sensitivity of common available measurement receiver systems. For this reason SKA-SA found an application in the use of a reverberation room and take advantage of the Q-factor of the room to increase the overall sensitivity of their measurement system.
Simon Norval of SKA-SA has gained good experiences with the reverberation room supplied by Comtest Engineering for these measurements.  For more info on how SKA-SA is using the reverberation room pls go to the following link: