Upgrade at Arcelik, Tuzla, Turkey

Together with the local partner Partner HTF Elektronik Comtest Engineering has recently completed the upgrade of a semi anechoic chamber at Arcelik, Tuzla, Turkey. The semi anechoic chamber was upgraded into a fully anechoic chamber, to perform emissions measurements according to the CISPR 16-1-4: 2010 reference site method.

The anechoic lining consists of ferrite tiles applied to all inner chamber surfaces and hybrid polystyrene absorbers.  Model HT-45 (45 cm) is applied at the wall behind the turntable, and model HT-25 (25 cm) is applied to all other areas, with a great benefit in terms of space as a result. The turntable has been equipped with specially designed removable ferrite tile plates, which allow the access to the connectors and power outlets on the turn-disk.

We thank Partner HTF Elektronik for the good cooperation and congratulate Arcelik with their upgraded facility.